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Name:Transcripts for Everyone!
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Crowdsourcing transcriptions of audio and visual content
Many bloggers, vidders and comic arts want to make their content more accessible to people who, for whatever reason, require or prefer text to audio or visual content. However, transcribing videos, podcasts, or visuals can be very time consuming work - work that benefits our whole community.

So, let's work together to transcribe stuff so no one gets overwhelmed, and everyone can enjoy stuff!

My Thoughts:

People can post things they'd like transcribed as a post, and commenters can volunteer to transcribe some of it. "I'll do the first five minutes", "I can do the visuals", "I'm great at describing music". If we spread it around, then it becomes a lot more manageable.

Potentially Asked Questions:

Do I need to be a member of the community to ask for transcription work?

No! Dreamwidth has an option that will allow non-members to post to a community. Feel free to ask.

Can I post my fun things to be transcribed, or are you thinking mostly of serious stuff?

Feel free to post anything you would like transcribed. Things that would qualify as Not Safe For Work should be marked as such and be behind a cut-tag, please.

Do I have to commit to making a certain number of transcripts? Or to doing a certain amount of work?

No! I would like this to be something that people can give and take according to their needs and abilities.

Can I cross-post or link to transcriptions I've done elsewhere?

Yes, please! Ideally I would like this to become a sort of clearing house for transcripts.

I know of other sites that do similar things. Can I link them?

Please do! I would like to create a resources page for people to look for transcripts as well.

What if my transcript is bad? I'm afraid of doing it wrong.

Transcription work is hard. Trying to create something that is the platonic ideal of a transcript is really really hard. I'd rather something was as simple as "This video is about a duck" than nothing at all, and any amount of transcript is better than none.

I don't want people to feel this is a competition, or that it's something they should feel badly about. It's about sharing resources, and trying to make our community as open and welcoming to folks as possible.

If I do a transcript, I want people to credit me for doing the transcript.

I think that's fair. If you want credit for your transcription, let folks know. For now, I'm going to assume the default is "share and enjoy", but I can change it to the other way around if people prefer.

I want to help, but I'm not sure I can do any transcription work. What can I do?

I could use moderating help - I'm really busy and keeping track of everything is hard. There's also cheerleading, which I assure you as someone who does a lot of transcripts is always nice. There's also pointing people who might want to use or help out with this towards the comm. Please don't feel that "being supportive" only looks one way. ♥
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